All About Selfies

Numerous things come in and go out of trend in Social media… it’s that easy. But the Self-obsessive selfie is not going out of trend any time soon, until a few more generations roundup in the strange love for photographs of themselves with no credits to share !

It’s not just a habit which many find silly while many never get tired of either . The ‘strong selfie game’ is also a support system to top bloggers, youtubers and social media influencers being the simplest way for brand promotions! And not to forget it’s the 21st century’s way to capture memories. I caught my parents trying to capture a selfie once after my father got his first phone with a front camera and I almost felt happy tears flood my insides!  #WhySoCute !

1. Lights

If your lighting is not good, neither will your selfie be close enough to what you had been wishing for . Click away a hundred selfies and none will look good enough on your instagram feed. Natural Light is the hero of #NoFilter and #NoMakeup selfies that make your jaws drop.

Perfect time to take selfies ? An ambiance not too dark or light , just the perfect evenings after after 3pm! It’s crazy that even photographs have a timings to gel with but yes it’s a perfect time for your photo sessions to go on roll.  I am obsessed with the warm hues that it adds to my selfies . Natural Filter for the win !

Face towards the light and not against it if you want your face to pop out.

So this is how evening lights worked for me ! So warm and the ideal sunkissed selfie.

2. Flaunt your favourite

Let it be your eyes, your hair or your eyebrows , we all have a soft spot for one atleast. Take your selfies in such a way that enhances your favourite feature ! It’s necessary to find an angle that flatters your face. Add a cherry on the cake by adding some bling with accessories keeping in mind not to overdo it.

For instance a simple black velvet choker or a pair of earrings and there see the amount of compliments pour in.

3. Change is the only constant

Many a times you come across social media accounts with their signature pose which may either be a line of half face selfies, pouts or selfies taken from the same damn angle every time. Flattering or not so flattering ?

Remember that old saying which goes like “change is the only constant” ….apply it. Experiment with angles or for once pull your hair away from your face into a bun.

Just adding colors to your nails add so much value to your lifeless selfies , you never knew maybe! Who knew dark lipsticks suited you better than the nudes ?

Monotony is great but monotony is also boring . You are better than just being the random boring self . Let your happier self out in your selfies as well.

4. Make use of that timer option

How many times have you made use of that timer option in your camera ?

If no. Why haven’t you !

If yes ! Hey you are my selfie twin already .

Well adjust your phone in a favourable condition and pose away and the rest will be taken care of by your virtual friend- your Phone!

See how the timer worked as a good virtual friend to me , ekks no awkward camera shy moment as well!

5. Makeup !

Umm yeah makeup ! Not like you have to put up layers of foundation and extend your liner for an extra inch but Basic Makeup. Do your eyebrows well or add a hint of gloss or swipe in your favourite lipstick or even use a little highlighter give a lift to your face !

Well a little makeup does no harm and if even grabbing a lipstick from your kit is too damn hard for , make sure your lips and skin are not patchy and is moisturised well.

6. The right editing

And if everything else fails ! Let it be, editing your selfies will tone it all down for you .

My favourite editing apps at the moment

  •  Snapseed

  •  VSCO

  •  Color Splash

  •  Photo grid

See the amout of difference a few minutes spent on editing and with good photo editors ofcourse ,can bring in to your photograph!

Try them out if you haven’t already.

These apps do a great job and in fact if you just have Snapseed, you don’t need any other editing app for it’s a one stop shop providing features like HDR , selective blurring out , skin smoothening and much more.

VSCO is everyone’s favourite for its subtle yet natural filters.

Color Splash is one app which favours selective colorization like never before.

Photo Grid works amazing as a collage maker .

Snapchat too gives away beautiful filters and dramatic animated filters as well and instagram filters are anyway unbeatable . 

Well getting selfies right are not the only things you need to tick away from your bucket list and neither am I a selfie pro nor am I saying that you had no prior idea about these tips until I published this blog .

It’s only part of what I know and apply which I wanted to share with you!

Well even if it’s just one of those insignificant things in life, doing it right would do no harm anyway.

Have a great 

week ahead. 


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